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BIOTOPIC® REGROWTH SYSTEM - Special Offer | Save 20%

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This is our best selling 4-step system for those who want maximize hair growth. Specifically formulated to fight thinning, bald spots and receding hair lines. Includes Energizing Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner, Revitalizing Scalp-Detox, and Thickening Hair Serum. All are formulated using the best science backed ingredients for optimal hair growth: These are the cleanest formulas available today and all are 100% drug-free which means absolutely no side-effects.

    Why Choose the Biotopic® Regrowth System for Hair Loss Management?

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1120 reviews
    Vicenta Masso

    It feels good on my hair but waiting to be using for a long while before I give serious opinion.

    Edward Morales
    New hair

    I’ve only been using biotopic for two weeks and it amazing. I have a lot of new hair growth. I’d love to see what my hair will look like in a couple of months.

    getting some more hair

    Just started a few months ago and starting to see more hair on my crown. best stuff i've found so far. makes my hair feel great.


    I've ordered a few different times over the year. I'm not using this very constantly, but girlfriend is saying hair my looks nicer. Shampoo and conditioner lasts longer than the other products, like 3 months or more. so one you order this you just have to get some refills of the smaller products. i use Follicle plus 27 most the time since its super easy to spray on. but everything is good. if your hair is already thick, you might not need the conditioner because it makes it feel thicker after using, which could be great if you have thin hair. I think the system is the best way to start out if you're not sure what to get as it gives you a sample of everything. I guess they are supposed to work together for best results anyways. I'm 33- better to start using early than to wait to long.

    I'm glad that this product actually works.

    When I first got this product the bottle was open and it almost _ of the bottle was wasted on the inside of my package, damaging my other items that were in it. Other than that I decided not to return my product I kept it. So far I have seen great results with this product using it on my hair. It also makes it feel softer and look better than before. I use it twice daily once in the morning and then at night. With mine the scent was kind of off, I didnt enjoy the smell but I got used to it. My hair did grow a bit which is great, I'm glad that this product actually works.*

    Follow instructions

    Just do what it says on the directions, and you wont have any issues. It will help you with your hair problems

    This product is 100% natural.

    I got this product for my son as he is 24 and already experiencing a great deal of hair loss and though he has only been using it a short a time he has noticed the hair loss to seas, he has not seen any new hair growth yet but a slow down of hair loss is infidelity a great feeling for him. My son has been using it daily now and he is very happy with the results, I'm guessing with a longer period of use he may start to see some better results. This is only a small 2oz bottle but a little bit goes a longs ways. It has no scent and does not leave and oily or sticky residue at all. This product is 100% natural with vitamins and nutrients such as saw palmetto - biotin - caffeine - aloe vera - argon oil and keratin to help my sons hair to become much healthier and thicker.

    I like it

    I've been using this for a month now and while I haven't been able to see any changes to my hair', I think the scent and texture of the shampoo is very nice. and also the conditioner

    you get what you paid for

    No regrets. Im happy and satisfied

    great conditioner and shampoo

    This conditioner is kind of a miracle worker. My hair looks so much healthier after using. combining with the caffeine shampoo . always excited to use in the morning.